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Eye Shadows | Pinks Violets CLEARANCE

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Please note size: nt wt 0.03 oz / .95 g (Industry Standard 5 gram jar filled to the top!)

Ella Rose eye color ingredients all register as 0 on the Comedogenicity scale. (Comedogenicity is rated on a scale between 0-5, the lower the number the less likely that the ingredient used will clog your pores.) We are natural scientists first and foremost at Ella Rose Minerals. We want your makeup to look flawless and be good for you as well!

Mica is a 0

Titanium Dioxide is a 0

Boron Nitride is a 0

Iron Oxides are a 0

Tin Oxides are a 0

A cruelty-free, vegan product.

nt wt 0.03 oz / .95 g (Industry Standard 5 gram jar filled to the top!)

Important Note: We do not use Magnesium Myristate in our formulas, Myristate is a 14-carbon saturated fatty acid, it is rated a 3 to 4 out of 5 on the Comedogenicity scale to clog your pores! YUCK! We use Boron Nitride to increase adhesion without clogging your pores.

Ella Rose eye colors are beautiful and long lasting and mica’s natural light reflecting qualities help to diminish fine lines and skin imperfections. We are also unique in the choices we give you from our colors to the textures of the different formulas we offer. Mattes are a traditional non-shimmer eye shadow.

Our luminous eye colors are a radiant natural look perfect for a mature look that still has a luminous quality to it. Young girls and women love the luminous collections in that it offers a wonderful glow to your skin but not too shimmery if you want to avoid that look. If Goldilocks were here she would say ‘that is just the right balance give me the luminous eye color’!

Our shimmers are perfect alone or layered above the matte and luminous eye colors, they have the right amount of shimmer to be absolute fun! And our sparks are just that…sparkly for those women who desire a little more sparkle to enliven your Ella Rose Minerals makeup look! Ella Rose eye colors can be blended together easily and can be applied dry or wet (foiled technique) for a more concentrated color.

What clients are saying:

First time to try Ella Rose's eyeshadows. The colors are incredibly brilliant!! They will make you wonder why you ever wasted money on eyeshadows from the store. -Sarah F.

I think the Highlighters are my favorite makeup items. I've been using the Twelve Oaks for a while now and I thought that the Silver Bullet would look nice for the winter. They're both visible enough to do the job but subtle enough to not take over my face. Haha - Bethany N. B.

I bought the darkest black and they aren't fooling around. It's very very dark and thick. I don't wear eye makeup very often so I still have 95% of the product left even though I bought it a couple months ago. I think it will last me for years. I love it! - Madeleine B.

I love all my new eyeshadows. Twelfth Night and Effortless are my favs right now. Thanks! - Hollie P.

Pearly Luminous - GREAT for everyday use. I can pair it with any color whether I am going fairly natural or bold. I have a white matte color from Avon that has been sitting in my makeup drawer for ages. I barely use it. The brightness (but not too bright) of the Pearly Luminous has me using it almost daily. It really reflects light in the eyes very nicely. - Bethany N. B.