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Flawless Magic Foundation Sample Kit | "Normal Skin" | Ella Rose Minerals

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Glorify your skin with this flawless makeup coverage! Applying foundation is somewhat like preparing the canvas for a work of art. It’s all in the choice of base. With Flawless Magic Foundation, you get our best mineral makeup, a natural formula that magically revitalizes the skin.

The luminous glow and flawless finish is no myth. The best foundation for sensitive skin is Flawless Magic, is naturally formulated with impeccable coverage, Ella rose minerals will leave your skin looking radiant, without clogging your pores! Experience the perfection of this ‘au naturel’ base that is sure to get you hooked!

What do you get?

Chose one foundation shade from the drop down shades choices and we will throw in 2 matching foundation shades for free, with enough for several uses!

How it works:

- Calcium carbonate and kaolin clay allows for oil absorption from the surface of the skin without drawing moisture away from the skin. Calcium helps to clear blemished skin and revitalizes lifeless looking skin. And kaolin clay is soothing and gives a light feel to the makeup without being cakey.

 - Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide sun protection and anti-inflammatory benefits.

 - Boron Nitride has natural anti-bacterial properties.

 - Mica's light reflecting qualities help to diminish lines and skin imperfections. Iron oxides provide the pigments to achieve natural foundation colors.

 - Ella Rose Minerals foundation offers weightless and substantial coverage at the same time, you choose how much by how you apply it!

 At we disclose EVERY ingredient in our formulas to you and we have a reason for every ingredient in our foundation as well.

 The Science + Nature Behind it:

All of our Flawless Magic Normal Skin Foundation ingredients register as 0 on the Comedogenicity scale. (Comedogenicity is rated on a scale between 0-5, the lower the number the less likely that the ingredient used will clog your pores.)

- Titanium Dioxide is a 0
- Zinc Oxide is a 0
- Calcium Carbonate is a 0
- Boron Nitride is a 0
- Serecite MIca is a 0
- Iron Oxides are a 0
- (May Contain) Ultramarine Blue is a 0

 For Dry and Normal Skin types. Ivory Cool, Cool, Beige, Olive, Neutral and Warm Shades.

We designed a shade selector tool to help you select the most perfect match for your skin. Get my shade now!


Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Boron Nitride, Serecite Mica, Iron Oxides, (May Contain) Ultramarine Blue

Here are also a few tips for the best skin clarity:

Use a foundation that is oil-free, starch free and free of bismuth oxychloride. If you have acne prone skin try to steer clear of any finishing powders or veils that contain ANY amount of starchy ingredients for example; corn starch powder, arrowroot powder, rice powder, even silk powder. Because of the nature of the sugary and starchy aspects of those types of ingredients they tend to feed the bacteria that cause acne! Ella Rose Minerals NEVER uses starchy ingredients.

Choose a foundation that is free of bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth oxychloride is very irritating to sensitive skin and can actually make tiny microscopic tears in your skin, and those wounds can lead to cystic acne if they get infected. Ella Rose Minerals NEVER uses bismuth oxychloride in any of our formulas!

Ella Rose Minerals NEVER uses talc in any of our products it is a known irritant and we just choose to not expose our clients to it.

Important note: We do not use Magnesium Myristate in our formulas, Myristate is a 14-carbon saturated fatty acid, it is rated a 3 to 4 out of 5 on the Comedogenicity scale to clog your pores! YUCK! We use Boron Nitride to increase adhesion without clogging your pores.

What clients are saying:

This foundation works very well. The samples are fairly good size and allow you plenty to work with so that you can see what you like best. The packaging is also really nice- the small containers are easy to use. They are much nicer than ziplock baggies, which a lot of samples seem to come in.

-Ashley B.

This is the first make-up that has never made me break out! I am in love! Beautiful colors that can match any skin tone perfectly! Definitely recommend!

- Sheley E.

This stuff is AWESOME. It's got great coverage and looks very natural. I will definitely be repurchasing!

- Beth M.

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