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Here are the shades we suggest you try:

Ivory Cool and Cool - Pink (Do you burn easily and can you see blue veins under your skin? You most likely have an Ivory Cool/Cool Skin tone.)

 - a pink base with strong pink/blue undertones.

COOL - a Cool pink with very slight hints of yellow.

Beige and Olive - Beiges to Greens (Do you tan easily and have blue and green veins under your skin? Most likely you will fall in the Beige/Olive skin tone category.)

BEIGE - If Cool shades appear orange/red on the skin try Beige tones.
OLIVE - Absence of strong pink or yellow undertones.

Neutral and Warm - Yellows (Do you tan easily and can you see green veins under your skin? You most likely have a Neutral/Warm skin tone.)

NEUTRAL - Less yellow than Warm tones but no pink
WARM - Most warm and yellow of all skin tones.

How to get your product in the exact shade you want:


shade number dropdown

  • - Record your shade number from above ^ (Its universal for all products)
  • - Find your number in the drop-down on the product page itself
  • - Add to cart!

For Example:  If you selected the shade IC420

    IC420   =   Flawless Magic Normal Skin Foundation

4-IC420    =   MSM Concealer

6-IC420    =   Daytime Magic Oily Skin Foundation

5-IC420    =   Zit Zapper Daytime