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Correcting Minerals | Green And Color Correcting Concealer

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About Ella Rose Minerals Color Correcting Concealers

We all want to look our best but all-nighters and long days can take a toll on the appearance of our skin causing dark circles and undesired redness. Our mineral makeup helps to provide you with the coverage to make your skin look its best, even if it isn’t currently in its best condition. Our color corrector concealer is perfect for covering up dark circles, blemishes and surface skin conditions like rosacea. Our green concealer is made out of natural ingredients and ranks a 0 on the comedogenicity scale, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals wreaking havoc on your skin. 

How it works:

Our Correcting minerals are to help you minimize and neutralize redness due to acne, rosacea and other skin irritations. As well as neutralize dark circles under the eyes and general skin discolorations. They also help to brighten up under the eyes and help to warm and enhance skin tones. Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, they help to calm and soothe troubled skin. Since everyone has their own personal mixture of pigments and undertones in their skin, experiment with the colors to achieve your best correcting minerals colors. The goal is to neutralize and minimize problematic areas and then blend to air-brush away imperfections!

Redness reducer & Multi-use

 Light Green 4501: Tones down redness on light/Fair skin.  Excellent for redness due to acne, rosacea and other skin irritations.

 Olive Green 4502: Tones down redness adding warm tones to medium/medium deep skin types.  Excellent for redness due to acne, rosacea and other skin irritations.

 Cerulean 4503: Helps to tone down redness on light/medium skin tones that are turned pasty by green concealers. Excellent for redness due to acne, rosacea and other skin irritations.

 Lavender 4504: Tones down dark pigmentation on medium to medium/deep skin tones, adds brightness to eye area.  Neutralize yellow/sallow tones. Also works for some redness.

 Under Eye Correctors, Skin Discolorations, Age Spots, & Multi-use

 Pinky 4505: Tones down dark pigmentation on lighter skin tones, adds brightness to eye area. 

 Yellow 4506: Yellow Color Corrector concealer visually corrects bluish skin tones associated with puffy, dark under-eye circles.

 Peachy 4507: For shading and adding warmth to medium skin tones as well as concealing ruddy areas.

 Golden 4508: Toning down dark discolorations and adding warm tones. Cover darker skin discolorations and age spots. 

 The Science + Nature Behind it:

All of our Correcting minerals ingredients register as 0 on the Comedogenicity scale. (Comedogenicity is rated on a scale between 0-5, the lower the number the less likely that the ingredient used will clog your pores.)

  • Titanium Dioxide is a 0
  • Zinc  Oxide is a 0
  • Kaolin Clay is a 0
  • Boron Nitride is a 0
  • Serecite Mica is a 0
  • Some may contain:
  • Chromium Oxide Green is a 0
  • Ultramarines are a 0
  • Iron Oxides are a 0


Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay, Boron Nitride, Serecite Mica, Some may contain: Chromium Oxide Green, Ultramarines, Iron Oxides.

 A cruelty-free, vegan product.

nt wt 0.06 oz / 1.9 g

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What clients are saying:

LOVE this stuff. Even when my face is completely broken out I can look flawless!!!

- Nichole F.

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