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Zit Zapper Daytime | Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

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Wage battle on zits and win with our best makeup for acne prone skin!

Organic beta hydroxy acid and calming zinc combine for a winning, zit zapping duo. Zit Zapper Daytime can be used as a full face foundation or spot concealer.

When it comes to makeup for acne prone skin, take a look at our most impressive line of natural mineral acne fighting concealer. These are not only great at perfecting the look of your skin and hiding blemishes but will be the least irritating makeup you’ll ever buy! Our all natural mineral makeup for acne prone skin not only feels like second skin but stays on even on hot humid summer days, unlike traditional liquid makeup.

"This stuff is amazing. I like to have that flawless complexion-type look when I wear makeup. So this concealer topped with foundation is unbelievable! So happy!" - Adriana H

How it works:

Zit Zapper Daytime has 2% organic beta hydroxy acid and calming zinc that combine with natural minerals to help banish that annoying acne. Yep, that's right salicylic acid to help blow those zits out of existence! Can it get any better? Yes it can, it conceals while it zaps those zits. This versatile product can be used anywhere on the face or body to help clear acne blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads. It is a fabulous acne fighting concealer that can be used as a full face foundation as well. Zit Zapper Daytime is formulated to work in a routine with Zit Zapper Nighttime(our night-time zit zapper). With this acne prone skin makeup, you can battle zits day and night. Win the war using our the best concealer for acne!

The Science + Nature Behind it:

  • Keratolytic (exfoliation of skin cells)
  • Acidulant (acidifying effect)
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-pruritic (anti-itching)
  • Absorbs excess oil
  • Anti-acneic (it destroys zits from the inside!)

All of our Zit Zapper Daytime ingredients register as a 0 on the Comedogenicity scale. (Comedogenicity is rated on a scale between 0-5, the lower the number the less likely that the ingredient used will clog your pores.)

  • Titanium Dioxide is a 0
  • Zinc Oxide is a 0
  • Calcium Carbonate is a 0
  • Boron Nitride is a 0
  • Serecite Mica is a 0
  • Iron Oxides are a 0
  • Salicylic acid is a 0
  • (May Contain) Ultramarine Blue is a 0

Ivory Cool, Cool, Beige, Olive, Neutral and Warm Shades.


Active: Salicylic acid 2%

Other: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate, boron nitride, mica, iron oxides, May Contain Ultramarine Blue.

nt wt 0.10oz / 3 g

Get more information on all our non comedogenic ingredients here

How to use:

Apply AM or PM.  After normal cleansing, apply directly to the blemish. When applying to ruptured blemishes, dip a cotton swab into the minerals and then apply directly onto the blemish. Zap those zits and conceals all at the same time! Many clients use this as a full face foundation.


What clients are saying about our best concealer for acne

The only makeup I can get my boyfriend to use. 5 stars.

-Madeleine B.

Always a wonderful product. I have been using it for quite some time now. Good coverage while still looking very natural. Sometimes, when going out, I wear more "heavy duty" liquid foundation & my husband has commented that he likes the stuff I wear normally (this) better because it looks more natural.

- Abigail M

This. Is. Magic. :)))) I only use it at night before bed, and only needed 2 days I'm very pleased with the result, and fast shipping :)

- Nikolett K.

Omg! This is amazing! The foundation leaves my face airbrushed but not in a completely artificial way. I got complimments on my skin when i wore it, which i never get. The midnight magic is also great. I wake up with a matte and breakout-freeface when i use it. I'm definitely buying the full size of both of them.

-Ana M.

The coverage is great and it seems to be working better on my blemishes than the store bought cream I was previously using. My skin can still breathe. Thanks;)

- Natasha I.

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